The Science Behind

Synergistic Layering Process

The Avatrex Core Technology, called Transportable Imaging, is comprised of:

  1. Nano Chemically Modified Coatings
  2. Release on Demand Technology
  3. Fractal Matte Technology

Transportable Imaging is neither a film nor a paper, and it is not a carrier to simply transfer an image to the desired substrate.

In essence, the Transportable Imaging material becomes part of the material through a coating technology called the Synergistic Layering Process.

Synergistic Layering is a patented process which allows for the unique assembly
of multiple coatings to form a single layer.

In the case of Transportable Imaging, there are three surfaces: A release-on-demand surface, a
dimensional polymer surface and an image interface. These three layers allow Transportable Imaging
to operate as a printable material, laminate and adhesive, all in one material.


Avatrex’s Transportable Imaging has a number of important abilities built into the patented technology that ultimately provide a tremendous amount of flexibility.


Transportable Imaging is not a closed system. It was designed to be used with all current print technologies, existing inks and toners, existing software, and existing post-process equipment. Any Printer. Any Ink. Any Substrate.


With the use of heat, water, adhesive or one of Avatrex’s primers, a full-color or photographic image or graphic can be transported and attached to any substrate to suit any particular application.


Conformability means that it can conform to any surface, whether it’s smooth, irregular, porous or non-porous. Since the Transportable Imaging coating is printed prior to being transported, the image retains the same print quality and resolution of the original image all the way through process.


It is not affected by UV, chemicals, air pollutants, humidity or extreme heat or cold. This will greatly increase the lifespan of the inks used to create the image.


It is water-based chemistry with no PVCs or VOCs. In most applications a separate laminate is not required, which eliminates any additional materials and adhesives and reduces process steps and waste.


The possibilities are endless!