Explore the possibilities with Avatrex. One of its greatest abilities is flexibility, allowing you to create full-color specialty graphics for all types of applications for both commercial and consumer applications. 




Commercial Applications

Avatrex Transportable Imaging technology is the printing industry’s first fully transportable graphic. Fully transportable means that, with Avatrex, you can print the same material with the same image on the same printer for use in multiple applications. Avatrex is a print medium with laminate and adhesive built into one conformable material.

Avatrex 6500 Matte is now available for use with HP Indigo presses, Avatrex 3500 Matte for low-solvent, solvent, UV-curable and HP Latex inkjet printers and Avatrex 9500 for aqueous inkjet printers. Whatever the printer platform, Avatrex can be applied to virtually any surface, including irregular surfaces and curves using heat and pressure, water, a pressure sensitive or thermal adhesive or specific primers* for an almost endless variety of specialty printing applications, including, but certainly not limited to…

  • Personalized mobile devices
  • Wood and acrylic art plaques
  • Awards and medals
  • Trophy cases
  • Pendants, key or dog tags, jewelry, accessories
  • Personalized gifts
  • Transaction cards
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Ceiling tiles
  • POS/POP signs
  • Vintage metal signs
  • Vanity license plates
  • Book covers
  • Art and photo prints
  • Decorative cases
  • Luxury packaging
  • Promotional items
  • Photo memorabilia
  • Decorative veneers
  • Light fixtures
  • Window décor
  • Nameplates, faceplates and membrane switches
  • In-mold decorating


“There is a lot of potential with this product, because in the past you had to print to a substrate, laminate it and apply it, and you sometimes had to use a number of different substrates for one project. With Avatrex, it’s one step, one material and one process,” says David Kurniawan, owner of Maryland Signs and Graphics in Towson, Md., who runs Avatrex on his HP L25500 latex printer. “We can use it on all types of substrates and surfaces, including rough surfaces, which helps us use fewer materials for a lot of different applications.”




Consumer Applications

Personalize scrapbooking paper, jewelry, wood, fabric, sneakers, picture frames and even decor pieces – all in living color with Craft Attitude products and an inkjet printer! The only question now is… What will YOU create? 

Wood Attitude: Add full-color and photographic images to furniture, clocks, trays, frames and anything else you can dream of that’s made of wood. All it takes is a printed piece of Wood Attitude and a spray adhesive and you’re ready to roll.

Magnet Attitude: Personalize magnets for refrigerators, lockers, file cabinets, metal containers and any other surface to which you can stick a magnet. Print any image to Magnet Attitude and apply it to the magnet with a spray adhesive for a fun, unique and customized craft.

Décor Attitude: Add your own images and designs to all kinds of LED candles and create special effects for weddings, dinner parties, seasonal themes and home décor. With Décor Attitude and a glue stick, make LED candles shine with a personal touch.

Quilt Attitude: Decorate and personalize quilts, pillows, wall hangings, table runners and other home décor items with images you create. Once printed, you can either iron, iron-on or attach Quilt Attitude with a spray adhesive to take your fabric projects to the next level.

Flower Attitude: Create your own special flower decorations with Flower Attitude and a glue stick. You can add full-color images to everything: silk and decorative floral arrangements, buttons for fabric flowers and trend paper flowers for special effects never seen on flower crafts until now.

Jewelry Attitude: Photos and full-color designs on jewelry? Yes, and it’s a snap with Jewelry Attitude and a glue stick. All kinds of jewelry pieces can be decorated with your designs: acrylic, crystal, metal, wood and even plastic.

Shoe Attitude: Give your shoes a personal kick with Shoe Attitude, an inkjet printer and a glue stick. Create personalized, wearable art that can be applied to most leather, canvas and synthetic footwear.

Scrapbooking Attitude: Customize scrapbook pages, photos, albums, cards all kinds of paper craft projects to create never-before-seen layering techniques and special effects. All it takes is an inkjet printer and Scrapbooking Attitude, applied with either a desktop laminator, an iron or spray adhesive.